About Therma-Mech

At Therma-Mech, we provide Mechanical and Electrical services on projects across the UK, specialising in District Heating, and regularly working in the Education, Residential, Commercial and Retail sectors.

We proudly fulfil the criteria to work for national companies on major projects, thanks to our range of accreditations that are rare to find, such as CHAS, BESA and SMAS.

What’s more, we are currently working towards ISO19001, which we are hoping to acquire before the end of the year.

Delivering turnkey projects without the middleman

Many of our competitors will only become involved in a project at the installation stage, which creates many potential problems in logistics, communication and organisation. We believe in providing a complete solution, from the design stage, throughout installation to handover and after service; it’s the difference between a company that care with a team you can get to know and build a relationship with.

It is this level of service that enables us to provide our clients with greater project timeline certainty than the norm within the industry.

M&E services with a human touch

Our business relies on repeat work, generated from our previous successfully delivered projects and strong personal relationships. Working closely with our clients, developing these relationships and showing that we are a company with a team that cares is of utmost importance to us.

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We are told that our culture of delivering projects with the highest quality of workmanship, remaining adaptable and agile while still delivering on time as well as providing a personal service is the reason that our clients employ our services time and time again.

As we continue to grow, we continue to put dedicated effort towards ensuring that our founding culture will remain core to our operations.

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Environmental Concern

The very nature of our industry and the projects that we work on require people who are committed to the success of sustainable energy systems. Without them, very few projects would achieve planning permission, or be contributing to responsible management of our global environment.

We our demonstrating this commitment by working towards our ISO14001 accreditation. Furthermore, at the design stage of our projects, we utilise the latest and most efficient technologies available, and consciously select products with minimal packaging that have been sourced with as little impact on the environment as possible. At removal and installation stages, we always use on-site segregated waste and recycling facilities.

Throughout the UK moving forward, District Heating has been proven as a brilliant method for providing energy or heat to commercial properties, along with dramatically reducing their carbon footprint reduction.

It is this work, along with the retrofits of systems for those with insufficient fire safety strategies, that provide high-levels of job satisfaction for our whole team, motivating us each day in the knowledge that we make a difference.

The History of Therma-Mech

Therma-Mech was founded in June 2013 by Rob Smart and Aaron Ascott, who were previously working together as sole traders. Upon securing a job indirectly for Eon, their business was formed, and after a successful project, recommendations and further demand for work continued to increase.

In January 2014, Therma-Mech won a £1m contract, working in Bath and Southampton, securing the future of the business and paving the way for exponential growth and a wide range of major projects.

Today, Therma-Mech employs 30 staff and works across the UK, directly for clients as well as main and sub-contractors.