Energy Centre Design, Installation and Services

We design and install energy centres and district heating, creating heat at a centralized location and distributing it to the desired locations. From initial designs to installation and ongoing servicing, we are committed to helping you get the most out of energy centres.

Energy Centres and Improved Sustainability 

Installation of these systems has helped us achieve exceptional environmental ratings on many projects. Get in touch with our expert team to learn about the environmental and sustainability credentials of our energy centres.

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Centralised Energy Centres

Our expert team of engineers will work with you to design world-class energy centres that provide the backbone to district heating projects. We can tailor the design to your specific requirements and needs, ensuring you get the most out of all the possibilities associated with energy centres. Talk to us today to learn about the different types of energy centres, including:


CHP stands for Combined Heat and Power, and is an efficient way of producing heat and electricity in an environmental, low cost way. This means you can enjoy the benefits of cheaper power and heat, whilst having the peace of mind knowing it is better for the environment too.


Biomass boilers harness the power of organic waste material. This provides a low carbon option and helps save money too.

Alternative and Renewable Sources

There are new and exciting alternative and renewable energy sources that can be used to generate power and heat. These energy sources can be incorporated into an energy centre, helping create sustainable and green energy production.

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These innovative energy centres are energy efficient and help leverage innovative design to supply homes, buildings and businesses with hot water and power. We also provide complementary mechanical and electrical engineering services to help provide an integrated approach to installation and servicing.

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